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2017-2018 Scholarship Recipients

The 2017-2018 Jusoor-Amal Scholarship Recipients have nearly completed their first semester of university. This year, the scholarship was awarded to four talented and inspiring youth Syrian refugees from Za'atari Refugee Camp. Here are some information on the newest additions to the Jusoor-Amal community:

  • Reham is studying English translation at Zarqa University. Reham is passionate about education, especially for women; she married young and was prevented from pursuing education - she now advocates against early marriage, as well as engaging in other mentoring and community service work. 
  • Roqiya is studying Math at Zarqa University. She studied in university for 2 years in Syria, but because she could not bring her documents with her to Jordan, she decided to re-take 11th and 12th grade so that she could sit for Tawjihi - which she passed this year. In addition to studying, she's also worked on education advocacy with a few different NGOs while in Za'atari. 
  • Alaa is studying history at Al Albayt University. Alaa studied history at the University of Damascus, and was just a few credits shy of graduating before arriving to Jordan. Alaa has worked and volunteered on youth development and psychosocial projects in Za'atari. He was able to transfer a number of credits from his previous university study.
  • Mahmoud is studying physics at Zarqa University. Like Alaa, Mahmoud also studied in Syria at the University of Damascus, and was also just short of graduating. He was also able to transfer a number of credits from his previous university study. Mahmoud has worked as a Physics teacher in Za'atari since arriving in the camp, now leading classes for Tawjihi students and volunteer tutoring to support students in the sciences.
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